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So I immediately told the world that I was hungry for life, tenacious and passionate.
As a child I didn’t dream of being a director, but my mother said that I loved organising groups of children for picnics and playing together.
I was fond of making friends laughing about my tales.
    The traits of my character were therefore already clear and the purchase of the first video camera related           to my experiences as a tourist animator completed the picture.
            Here I became what I am, but who am I?
                 Do you want to kill me? Then put me in the office to do the same thing every day and at that                           point you will have achieved the goal.  I know it may seem arrogant but believe me I'm really                                 dealing with many things in different fields as: art,culture, education and much more. It's                                     not my intention to have a bully  attitude but this is the list of what I really do: I am a                                             writer, author, director, producer of cinema and theatre, theatre and music performer,                                         trainer and coach of non-verbal communication, organiser of artistic and cultural                                    events. And I have not told you that in recent years, after having been the Sicilian                                                   gestural coach for the show of Liolà di Pirandello at  the National Theatre of London, I                                                       started a world tour of workshops and performances on Italian gestures in                                                           prestigious Universities, Institutes of Italian Culture and theatres.