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Alfabeto Parallelo – Magazine Gattopardo “Having an x-like head"

There are jobs that people hardly consider as real jobs, perhaps because they are perceived as forms of fun or simply passions.I am referring specifically to the world of art and culture.Creative people and artists are often reckoned as eccentric individuals with their heads in the clouds. Obviously, there is an all-Sicilian gestural language that summarizes everything in the expression:“Chiddu avi ‘a testa a ichisi”, which means: he has an “X-like” head, not as linear as the others.The Sicilian symbolic creativity elegantly communicates that you have a chaotic mind by simply crossing the two forefingers of the hands.


Vullo Luca

Luca Vullo è un regista, produttore cinematografico, performer teatrale e coach di comunicazione italiano.

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Luca Vullo