L'Italia s'è gesta.

How to speak Italian without words is the first book by Luca Vullo, published by Ultra editions, in the book series “Veni vidi risi”, curated by Stefano Sarcinelli. The author, who became an ambassador of Italian gestures all over the world with his cross-media project “The voice of the body”, tells how Italians are ‘Gestures super heroes’ and demonstrates how important is the non-verbal communication for all human beings. The daring adventure of a provincial boy who, at a time of personal and global economic crisis, decided to emigrate to London from Sicily with a dream in his hands: teaching the world Italian gestures! The strength of his idea, mixed with a great determination, pushed Luca to lead Italian Gestures workshops and seminars in prestigious international Universities, TV consultancies, lectures in scientific enviroments and allowed Luca to stage his first theatrical show together with his mother Angela Gabriele. A fascinating journey through different cultures which shows us how, a potentially negative stereotype he may feel ashamed of, has become instead the keystone of his life. A funny book full of anecdotes that observes from a specific point of view Italian culture compared toother cultures. It makes us thinkhow important is to open up to the rest of the world to learn more about ourselves and our roots.

Beautiful illustrations by Paola Selene Fiorino

Cover photo by Ettore Maria Garozzo

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Our Body teachs.

Gaze, Listening, Gestures, Contact: not-verbal communication at school.

by Luca Vullo and Daniela Lucangeli

From the collaboration between the psychologist and expert in learning psychology most followed by Italian teachers and a director, performer and communication expert among the most eclectic on the national scene, a unique manual is born: a guide that explains with examples and practical tips, the importance of non-verbal communication in school. 

The scientific insights of Daniela Lucangeli and the strategic advices of Luca Vullo, together with the suggestive tables by Francesco Chiacchio, will accompany you on a wonderful journey to rediscover the language of authentic communication: the language of the body and gesture, of posture and presence, of listening and empathy. You will learn how to master facial expressions, gestures, tone and timbre of the voice, proxemics, transforming the non-verbal and paraverbal code into your best communicative resource! Significantly improving your relationship with students and colleagues, you will obtain more easily listening and recognition.

Published by Erickson

Luca Vullo