Hello everyone!
I'm Luca and I welcome you all to!

I can better introduce myself, telling you a story that my mother always reminds me:
when I was a child I never wanted to go to sleep, because for me it was a waste of time. I was already very busy! I focused on organizing outings and children playing together gatherings. I was enjoying making everyone laugh telling my stories. While growing up I increased my passion in the world of art, culture, education and social issues. Not much has changed since I was a little boy hating to go to sleep! It’s difficult to describe myself, perhaps because of my natural eclecticism… Therefore, to show you who I am I need to tell you about the works I carried out during the years:

Someone calls me FILM DIRECTOR

Making videos has always been a great passion and also one of my favorite job. I made short films, feature films, commercials, documentaries and TV series. Some of my productions have been distributed on international streaming platforms, such as the documentary Influx on Netflix and the docu-series Red-Zones on Sky-Go and Now-TV. Honestly as a director I have produced so many things … and the funny thing is that someone have even rewarded me!

Someone calls me PERFORMER

I like staying behind the camera, but I also love to work in front of an audience. After years exploring and studying non-verbal communication in different countries, “La Voce del Corpo” (VOICE OF THE BODY) became my first theatrical show, which brought me all around the world. Since then, I never left the stage and I did different shows on social themes: like “Me in your shoes”, focused on specific learning disorders topic and “Invisible Freedom”, focused on the economic violence against women subject.

Someone else call me COACH

As a matter of fact, the prequel to my performer experience was in the coaching field. “The voice of the body” took me to prestigious Universities and Italian Cultural Institutes abroad, cultural associations and schools to teach workshops, run lectures and performances about Italian gestures. Starting from the Italian gestures theme I have increasingly deepened the field of non-verbal communication, which has opened up new cultural and professional horizons.

One way or another this is LUCA VULLO!