Learn Italian Gestures with Luca Vullo and Heidi Li LIVE! (學手學勢 LIVE!)

Learn Italian Gestures online for free! The project wanted by Stefano Fossati, Director of the Italian Cultural Institute Hong Kong & Macau, will have as instructors LUCA VULLO author, director, performer and the only “Ambassador of Italian gestures” and HEIDI LI, an Italian-trained jazz musician born in Hong Kong who has just released the album “Heidi Sings Italian Dialect”.

From June 14th in 3 online sessions, we will learn about and practice Italian gestures so that we can understand more about non-verbal communication. It’s a fun and interactive workshop, where the hosts will talk about the gestures and facial expressions of Italy and Hong Kong and make comparisons between the ways people communicate with their body in the two cultures.

Hand gesture is an important part of our communication. Especially for Italians – there are around 250 gestures that Italians use in everyday conversation! It is one of the most vivid cultural forms. It conveys emotions effectively. And most importantly, it is real fun to learn!

You are invited to Learn Italian Gestures with Luca Vullo and Heidi Li LIVE! (學手學勢 LIVE!)

The workshop will be conducted via Google Meet. A Google Meet invitation link will be sent to all registered participants a few days earlier.

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Vullo Luca

Luca Vullo è un regista, produttore cinematografico, performer teatrale e coach di comunicazione italiano.

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