November 3, 2019


La comunicazione non verbale dei siciliani è un codice linguistico m...

October 3, 2019

Quando nasci e cresci su un’isola, sviluppi inevitabilmente un rapporto speciale co...

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            I LIKE TO TELL THE REALITY ...


...processed through my sensitivity filter. I lead a non-methodical and constantly moving life that allows me to observe many people and different societies.

Since 2018 I collaborate with the bilingual monthly magazine "Gattopardo" (on newsstands with the Giornale di Sicilia and La Gazzetta del Sud) curating the Alfabeto Parallelo column on Italian and specifically Sicilian gestures and with the online magazine "Wall Street International" for what I take in a personal column where I write about the importance of non-verbal communication and emotional intelligence for all human beings, exposing my own psychological and socio-anthropological analysis of society.


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